We Tell Stories

Every piece of good content is a well-told story.

 Forget blah blah blah marketing – to succeed today you need to stand out from the crowd. Bonfire tells stories and creates content that makes you stand out. We’re an eclectic team of thinkers, designers and writers, working with brands and marketing agencies throughout North America. From our sea-side base on Canada’s East Coast, we produce content for all kinds of organizations, but we have a weakness for B2B brands with gnarly, complicated stories to tell.

The Team

Bonfire is home to a talented group of thinkers, writers and designers.

Allan Gates
Partner and Strategy Lead

The Professor
Allan is a veteran marketing and communications strategist who moonlights as a university business lecturer. He’s obsessed with the  point where culture, technology and marketing intersect.

Donna Gates

The Collaborator
Donna brings people and ideas together. Need consensus? Need that backed by strategy? She can do that.


Kay Gillis
VP Strategy & Client Services

The Connector
How can we engage with that group? What will make this work? How can we make this better? These are questions Kay is constantly asking. Whether it’s a campaign for her clients or working in her community – she’s constantly looking for ways to bring new ideas to life and new groups together.

Jonathan Selig
Director, Digital

The Traveller
Jonathan has a worldview that was honed by growing up in places like the Congo and Brazil, and living in the far north of Canada and the far south of Texas. You just see things a bit differently. That’s a recipe for great design, and a great designer.


Gillian Goldie
Creative Director

The Composer
Gillian is craft personified. She creates stunning visual experiences with a keen eye for design and strategy. Pulling from her background living in Australia, Fiji, and Canada, Gillian’s designs are equal parts stunning and clever.

Aleisha Bosch
Account Manager

The Westerner
This Albertan turned East Coaster is a former journalist, and her natural curiosity makes her a great writer and a great marketer. And she’s super organized.

Lise Hansen
Creative Director Emerita

The Aesthete
Design is in her blood. Seriously. She’s Norwegian and you know how Scandinavians abide by the hygge. She’s focused on creative that goes beyond what people see into what they feel.

“To refrain from imitation is the best revenge.” – Marcus Aurelius