Celebrating Christmas, Creativity and Community

Well, here we are folks.

We’re coming up to the end of the year and we can’t help but look back and be thankful for the fantastic clients we’ve worked with in 2021. Each year, Bonfire does a scan of the community to choose a local organization to support at the holidays, in honour of our clients and suppliers. Last year, we supported the Boys and Girls Club of Saint John. This year, Bonfire will be supporting L’Arche Saint John, part of an international organization creating homes and day programs for adults with intellectual disabilities.

In 2016, L’Arche Saint John opened Creative Connections on Prince William Street in uptown Saint John. The collaborative arts program and gallery welcomes individuals with and without intellectual disabilities to find joy in creating art. To celebrate Christmas, we will be sharing artwork produced by L’Arche Saint John’s artists with our clients that are able to accept gifts and making a donation to help fund L’Arche Saint John’s operations.

The art produced by the artists of Creative Connections is both beautiful and meaningful. They did a lovely job.

We believe that the spirit of community exemplified by L’Arche Saint John is something worth celebrating. Families of adults with intellectual disabilities need a place where their loved one is supported and can gain independence and new skills, leading a fulfilling life. L’Arche Saint John wants to support more families in New Brunswick by expanding its capacity to help people. You can help them by purchasing beautiful artwork at Creative Connections or making a donation at larchesaintjohn.org.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your friends at Bonfire.

The Artists of Creative Connections

Adrian Morgan – Creating art since 2017, Adrian loves creating cards, painting pictures, and drawing shapes. His favourite part of Creative Connections is being happy and seeing his friends. Adrian says, “Art makes me feel happy and awesome!”

Spencer King – Spencer has been drawing and creating his whimsical characters his whole life. A compassionate and committed friend, Spencer’s love of art is visible in all his work.

Debbie Turnbull – Debbie loves painting flowers, cats and dogs. She enjoys the fun found at Creative Connections and particularly enjoys painting, knitting, helping childen and welcoming guests. Debbie says, “Art makes me feel relaxed.”

Hannah Clark – Hannah has always been an artist. Her work is defined by her love of colour, particularly purple. Her great laugh is frequently heard at Creative Connections.

Joshua Keirstead – Joshua has been painting for years. He paints people, movie posters, t-shirts and buildings, and finds inspiration in his love of movies. Joshua says, Art makes me feel happy and inspired!”

Kathryn Titus – Kathryn loves to make art for people she cares about. She loves painting the Sea Dogs hockey team, NASCAR and, of course, her pets. Kathryn says, “Art makes me feel really good and happy!”

Krista Simmons – Krista’s art is inspired by candles, hotels and online researching. She’s been creating art for many years and loves to take pictures, knit, go for walks and clean at Creative Connections.

Jenn Desroches – Inspired by friendship, Jenn has been creating art since 2016. She is interested in colouring, word searches and Tim Hortons. Jenn says, “Art makes me feel good!”

Olivia Beckingham – Olivia has been creating art since she was a child and loves painting. She is interested in cheerleading, painting and drawing. Olivia is inspired by her feelings and loves seeing everybody at Creative Connections.

Patrick McGrath – Patrick has been painting since 2014. He loves painting places, people and pets. Patrick says, “My art is inspired by ideas, dreams, music and movies that bring me back to my past.”

Sarah Keyes – Sarah is a rug hooker and recently began painting with oil pastels. Her sense of humour and laughter bring joy to those around her. Sarah feels proud when she creates art for her family and friends.

Shawna Morgan – Shawna’s kindness and thoughtfulness shine through in her art. She says that she loves Creative Connections because it is “a place where people can meaningfully express their thoughts and feelings through art.”

Stacey Howe – Stacey has been creating art since 2015 and loves painting beach scenes, flowers and animals. She is interested in cheerleading, reading and shopping. Stacey’s art is inspired by her friends and family.

Stéphane Bastarache – Stéphane has been creating art since 2016. Drawing inspiration from the colours around him, he loves to knit and create with paint. Stéphane loves being with people and sharing time together.

Warren Tompkins – Warren has been creating art since 2008. He is interested in animation, photography and making movies, and loves painting colourful, happy images. Warren says, “I am inspired by everything around me and art makes me feel happy!”

Allan Gates

Allan Gates is the president of Bonfire.