Atlantic Canada Cruise Association

A Safe Return to Cruise

What a time it’s been for the cruise industry and those who count on the tourists those ships bring to Atlantic Canada’s ports. From a record number of ship visits and tourists to a hard stop, all due to the COVID-19 pandemic – it’s been a difficult, wrenching (almost) two years.

The Atlantic Canada Cruise Association (ACCA) helped make the cruise industry a nearly $350-million business in Atlantic Canada, employing over 2,000 people. Before COVID, business was trending upward and returning the industry to its previous levels of activity is important to every province. ACCA focused its efforts on ensuring a safe and sustainable return to cruise when Canada’s borders opened to cruise ships in November 2021. The first cruise ships to visit our waters are expected in the spring of 2022.

ACCA, operating as Cruise Atlantic Canada, is here to share the beautiful cruise destinations of Atlantic Canada with the rest of the world, spurring economic activity and growth. They turned to Bonfire to help tell the region’s story as a unique, desirable and safe cruise ship destination.

Step one was developing a detailed communications strategy and tactical plan to act as a guide for both the return to cruise and beyond – focusing on rebuilding the industry in a post-COVID environment.

Next up was the brand refresh. This phase included the design of a new Cruise Atlantic Canada logo, the development of a comprehensive brand book, social avatars and accompanying brand templates.

With the new look and feel established, we turned our attention to revamping the Cruise Atlantic Canada website. It was important that the website offer an elevated user experience aimed primarily at cruise ship operators and other cruise industry stakeholders. The site map and navigation were strategically developed to ensure visitors had all important information at their fingertips within seconds of landing on the site. The finished product – a highly visual, easily navigable site with stunning photography throughout, positions Atlantic Canada as a world-class cruise ship destination.

We’re honoured to work with Atlantic Canada Cruise Association to help them tell their story in a strategic and compelling way.