Bleuets New Brunswick Blueberries

Building a Curated Online Presence

Bleuets New Brunswick Blueberries (BNBB), an organization that works closely with wild blueberry producers in the province advocating on their behalf, had been experiencing a standstill in its online presence for a few months. Early in the summer of 2021, with the upcoming wild blueberry season just around the corner and plans to bring back the popular “wild blueberry week” with participation from over 100 restaurants, BNBB engaged Bonfire to build and maintain a curated online presence.

Through a series of photoshoots, we began developing a photo database that would lend itself to content posted on a variety of strategic pillars such as advocacy, NB’s wild blueberry industry and history, local experiences, how-to’s and recipes, and of course, wild blueberry week, itself.

With monthly content calendars developed and in hand, we’ve continued to maintain a strong online presence growing the Facebook following by 69% and the Instagram following by 32%, organically. The page reach on both Facebook and Instagram has also seen exponential growth since July 2021, with content reaching 207,908 individuals on Facebook (up 37.9K%) and 41,071 on Instagram (up 1.4M%).

BNBB and Bonfire continue to work together to develop content and ideas on how to extend the wild blueberry season with exciting things planned for the 2021 holiday season.